RV Repairs and Maintenance Services

We offer a wide range of RV repairs and maintenance services, including:

Complete maintenance & winterization

Propane appliance repairs

Axle & brake service

Window & door replacement

Warranty repairs on all major appliances

Insurance Repairs:

Recommended by insurance companies for RV repairs

Free estimates

We will help simplify your insurance claim.

Slideout Repairs:

Motor replacement

Seal repairs and replacement.

Maintenance & adjustments.

Paint Repairs:

We offer perfect paint matchings services

From a small repair to custom, multi-colour striping, we will have your RV looking good as new.

Roof Repair & Replacement:

We have four large bays and two smaller bays to shelter your RV while we’re working on it.

From small damage repairs to full roof replacements.

No matter what type of roof your RV has, we can help

Fibreglass & Siding Repair:

Tin siding or fiberglass siding repair or replacement.

Leak Detection & Repair:

Our service centre is equipped with the Sealtech 430R system to accurately detect water leaks in your RV. We can find and repair all water leaks.

Is your RV as ready as you are for your next adventure?

Contact us today to find out more about our maintenance packages.